A.N.N.E Download PC Game

A.N.N.E Release: 25 Jun
Developer: Gamesbymo Inc.
Version: 03.722
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2.2 ghz
Memory: 2 GB
GPU: [GT710] [HD7750]
Storage: 2 GB

One of the most amazing and mysterious things for mankind is still outer space. But little by little the veil of secrecy is beginning to be lifted as more and more unique technologies are invented every year. Modern engineering methods, robotics, artificial intelligence - all this makes the process of space exploration easier. In the game A.N.N.E, which you can download by torrent for free, you will have to reincarnate into a small robot. On his shoulders falls the task of exploring a huge spaceship and collecting the necessary information. But the big obstacle is the fact that this entire ship is crawling with evil robots who are not going to be friends with our hero.

Gameplay Project is a classic arcade game - you need to control your character, pass the levels, dodge the attacks of your opponents, interact with the environment and use all available skills. It is important to go forward and not forget your main goal - to gather information, and to explore the locations to the smallest detail. Rest assured, it is difficult to die in the game, as once you take a large amount of damage, the hero simply loses consciousness and then recovers.

Get ready for challenging puzzles and dangerous enemies that can surprise you in unexpected places. And you may have to give up fair combat and use deception to defeat them.


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Version: 03.722

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Size To Download: 790 MB

Action, Adventure

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