Access Code: PARADISE Download PC Game

Access code: PARADISE Release: 2002
Developer: MistLand
Version: 1.06.1
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Pentium III 400 MHz
Memory: 128 MB
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 6600 / Radeon X1300

Access code: Paradise is a strategy-action role-playing game with elements of turn-based strategy, the plot of which transports the gamer into the high-tech world of the future. In this universe, society is divided into 3 classes, each living where people of a certain status are supposed to live - the lower, upper, or sky city. It's not hard to guess that the bottom dwellers have the worst life, while the cream of the crop goes to the inhabitants of heavenly cities. Nevertheless, all the cities are connected by one mighty supercomputer controlling the population. The problems of reality are hidden behind the screen of a virtual universe where all walks of life live, as everyone in this world, regardless of their status, is connected to the VR system, where a happy and rosy world is simulated without a hint of a pile of problems. However, behind the real society there are many difficulties, of which one young hacker, fighting for his survival, is aware. In fact, at the center of the whole story is the aforementioned hacker is the protagonist of the game. His story begins with his illegal infiltration into a secret part of cyberspace, where he managed to copy compromising data, and now the police are after him. While hiding from the guards, the protagonist travels through all the cities in order to find a way to the supercomputer that is on the space station and disable it.


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Version: 1.06.1

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Size To Download: 644.12 MB

32-bit, Old Games, Strategy, for very weak PC, TBS

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