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Agony Release: May 29. 2018
Developer: Madmind Studio
Version: from 2018.06.16
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 x64-bit system
CPU: Intel Core i3 3.2 GHz, AMD Phenom II X4 955 - 4 Core, 3.2 GHz
Memory: 8 GB
GPU: Radeon R9 280 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
Storage: 17 GB

Agony - game in the style of horror in the first person, the story tells of oblivion, pain, suffering and eternal torment of the soul, caught in the terrible world of the underworld. Ironically, the Torment Project was itself subject to some sort of suffering. The thing is that the money to develop this hellish masterpiece was originally raised on a crowdfunding platform, that is, through the crowdfunding service. But instead of the expected 540 thousand euros, about 3 thousand was raised. But this interesting idea was not ignored by a serious sponsor - Madmind Studio Company. The player takes control of a soul trapped in Hell. Usually those who go to hell distinctly remember why they were destined for such a sad fate. But our souls, for reasons unknown, have been completely bereft of memory. Perhaps it's in Hell undeservedly at all. It encourages the gamer to discover the whole truth and find a way out of the underworld. To do so, the soul must get to the Red Queen, who will be able to shed the light of truth and bring back the memory of the tormented soul. The mentee character (let's call it that) has a unique ability to move into the bodies of creatures. Hell is inhabited by martyrs, ethereal souls and demons. First in the hierarchy of the punished are the martyrs, with their bodies the easiest to interact with. They are able to swim, use a torch and solve puzzles. A martyr can't survive an encounter with a demon, so he has to hide. In turn, the ethereal soul is capable of taking the form of an immortal entity, albeit for a short period of time. In addition, being in an "etheric body" the player will learn the full power of levitation. In terms of handling and control, the most challenging are the demons. In order to hold this creature in their hands, the user must seek out hearts and devour them.


Agony download game

Version: from 2018.06.16

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Action, Adventure, Stealth, 64-bit, Atmosphere, Deep plot, Female Protagonist, Indie, 3rd Person, First Person Shooter, Science Fiction, 1st Person, Excellent Soundtrack, Horror, 18+, Japanese RPG, Classic, Psychological Horror, Demons

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