Alchemist's Awakening Download PC Game

Alchemist's Awakening Release: 4 Jun. 2019
Developer: Osaris Games
Version: 1.0d
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
GPU: OpenGL 2 compatible card 1 GB memory, nVidia 4XX+/AMD 5XXX+
Storage: 2 GB

Alchemist's Awakening is an epic indie action, first-person view adventure that PC video game fans can try out starting in 2016. This project is unique in its own way and has no analogues.

Despite its tentative affiliation with the first-person action genre, Alchemist's Awakening is something of a mixture of The Elder Scrolls series and Minecraft, where the emphasis is not on combat, but on exploring your surroundings. A magical world of fantasy awaits anyone who decides to plunge into it. But as you delve into uncharted wilderness, you may encounter aggressive foes that can be defeated with magic-enhanced fighting techniques.

Graphics in the game is made on a fairly simple level, but the developers went to this step, in order to implement in their project random creation of more and more locations, from which you can explore the game world to infinity long.

In the story, we take on the role of an apprentice mighty alchemist and run errands for him: collecting ingredients for his potions, at the same time getting to know the inhabitants of the low polygonal world and its geographical features.

The first-person view allows you to get into the character of the main character and feel like a real alchemist, as a result.
Despite the simple graphics, the game is fascinating in its own way. The endless locations are addictive: you don't want to interrupt the process of completing them, and stepping away from the game is rather problematic.


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Version: 1.0d

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32-bit, Action, Fantasy, Indie, Open world, Magic, Sandbox, 1st Person, Early Access, Survival, 2019, Crafting

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