Alekhine's Gun Free Download PC Game

Alekhine's Gun Release: March 11, 2016
Developer: Maximum Games
Version: 1.0a
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2.0 GHz Intel or equal AMD-Processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Storage: 6 GB

Alekhine's Gun project is a sequel to the cult Death to Spies franchise. Russian studio Maximum Games has taken over the development. You will take on the role of citizen Alyokhin, a colonel of Russian intelligence, who begins to cooperate with his colleagues from the CIA. All events and storyline are set in the harsh times of the Cold War. Unfortunately, Colonel Alyokhin has been misled and is caught in the very maelstrom of a complex plot involving nuclear weapons. Now the goal of the protagonist is to save the whole world, no matter what. You can already download this project by torrent for free and start doing great things.

Key Features:
1. The story campaign will take you around the globe, from Europe to the United States and Cuba. You will have to conduct your activity as in military bases, as well as in a variety of public places.
2. The entire single-player mode is divided into eleven exciting levels that you can freely and freely navigate through.
3. Keep quiet and inconspicuous. If you show special concentration, you will be able to open secret rooms and find better and more powerful weapons.
4. Sophisticated and thoughtful storytelling. The fate of the entire planet will depend on your actions, because the peace relations between the Soviet Union and the USSR hang by a thread, and if it breaks off, the whole mankind will perish in a most brutal war.
5. Beautiful graphic design, made in noir style.


Alekhine's Gun download game

Version: 1.0a

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Size To Download: 3.44 GB

Action, Adventure, Stealth, 3rd Person, 2016, Third Person Shooters

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