Aquadelic GT Download PC Game

Aquadelic GT Release: 25 Mar. 2015
Developer: Hammerware, s.r.o.
Version: 1.3
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 1.5 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
GPU: 128 MB RAM, OpenGL Driver installed
Storage: 1 GB

Aquadelic GT is a rare water sports racing game. Races take place in different regions of the world, from Russian rivers to Greek islands and even near the islands of the Caribbean.

The player's task is not only to overtake all opponents, improve his boat, but also to attract sponsors, who increase the fee for the race and increase the popularity of the player.

Each boat is equipped with different types of weapons: balloons with bombs, torpedoes, nets, and more. It is also possible to fly a hydroplane.

The game is played from the third person. All important messages the player receives via PDA. There are records of all the necessary events: account status, sponsors, photos, as well as tasks that come to him.

The choice of competition is optional: it all depends on the race fee, location and route. Sponsors occasionally offer bargains: You can sign or cancel contracts with them.

In addition to the races themselves, there are battles with other boats on the water. On the water surface appear objects that give some kind of advantage in the battle. All sorts of obstacles appearing out of the water, serve as a springboard for somersaults and give advantages in the race.

Installed cameras allow you to enjoy jumping from several angles.


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Version: 1.3

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32-bit, For Weak PCs, Simulation, Racing, 2015

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