Areas of GRAY Download PC Game

Areas of GRAY Release: 2018
Developer: NOTvil
Version: 0.4
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: CPU: Intel Core 2 duo
Memory: 1 GB

Next in our GameMagnet is another erotic game with an incredibly weird start. Initially, we play as a robot who finds himself out of his world, out of his own. Passing levels in the style of a typical platformer hints at the eternal jumping and killing everyone who gets in the way. After all the agony our robot goes through, we are placed in a bar, and somehow evolve into a human.

Left with a robot brain, we find ourselves in a world that does not move in any way (there are no dynamics in the game, all the action happens in pictures). But now we're human. And our task is to seduce the most girls. Now we turn into a simple indie game, in which we play as a handsome writer who has moved into a huge mansion. Behind the walls of this huge building, strange things happen.

Our hero forgets all of his past, trying to somehow make sense in the new world. Imagine that you, with the mind of a medieval man, find yourself in the modern world, and even in the most expensive house with a huge number of floors. And you are required to seduce girls. Amazing.


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Version: 0.4

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Size To Download: 799 MB

32-bit, For weak PC

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