Asgard's Wrath Free Download PC Game

Asgard's Wrath Release: 2019
Developer: Sanzaru
Version: 0.0.874586
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Core i7-7700
Memory: 16 GB

Our hero has ambushed the divine, the incomprehensible - he has requested immortality, godlike power and subordinates from Loki, god of deception. Asgard's Wrath is a first-person role-playing slasher with excellent, detailed graphics; with an interesting story divided into additional quests and a sandbox simulation for farming. It's a game about how one mortal wanted to become godlike, but will Loki cheat this time?

Chopping up first-person enemies, we can use the help of minions. They are entirely at our disposal. They will go to die, beat, use magic if you command. Minions will also accompany you throughout the game (remove when necessary).

The unfolding of Scandinavian philosophy and history is revealed in Asgard's Wrath in the best possible way: we get plenty of clues about the Helheim afterlife; we look at the real Asgard and see how Odin justly says goodbye to fallen warriors who did not live up to his instructions. Valhalla we only dream.

Lots of combat and puzzles - that's what Gates of Asgard is all about. Loki has promised that he will let our hero in if he can defeat a host of enemies in Midgard. What They Threaten Loki, and Why He's So Afraid to Leave Valhalla? We have more than just these answers to learn in a Scandinavian setting.

Farming, item crafting, some spells, and different monsters in a 30-hour third-person slasher!


Asgard's Wrath download game

Version: 0.0.874586

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Size To Download: 129.31 GB

Action, 1st Person, 2019, VR

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