Baldur's Gate 2 Download PC Game

Baldur's Gate 2 Release: 16 Nov. 2013
Developer: Beamdog
Version: [+ 2 DLC]
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
Memory: 512 MB
GPU: OpenGL 2.0 compatible
Storage: 3 GB

Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition is an extremely cautious re-release of the epic RPG saga, designed to bring the "old-school" RPG only a fraction closer to modern examples of the genre. "Cautious" it can be called solely because the good old style of former RPGs with cumbersome and awkward interface has remained in its place. The graphics have changed a little, while the lion's share of the developers' energy has been spent on fine-tuning the technical part of the legendary media product. The main storyline has not undergone any changes at all. The game still takes place in Kandlkip, and the protagonist is introduced at the moment when he is hunted by greedy mercenary cutthroats. Doomed to escape, the main character leaves his home, but after a while he manages to acquire reliable companions, all of whom have unique and useful in combat. As a result, we have at our disposal a group of adventurers. The gameplay component was also left without significant changes to emphasize. However, you and I can now use the spells that were added in the addition Shadows of Amn, which in turn expands the scope of the combat mechanics, making it much more diverse than in the original. The rest of the gameplay looks very standard: wander the world, take tasks of varying importance and complexity: someone to help catch a thief, someone - to find a valuable artifact, to participate in skirmishes with the aforementioned mercenary thugs. During a fight with the latter, or with any other enemies, you can use the pause mode, which allows you to control all the adventurers at once.


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Version: [+ 2 DLC]

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32-bit, Adventure, for very weak PCs, Old Games, Strategy, Atmosphere, Fantasy, Deep story, Magic, Science Fiction, 1st Person, Management, 3D Platformer, Tactics, MMORPG

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