Banner Saga 3 Download PC Game

Banner Saga 3 Release: 26 Jul. 2018
Developer: Stoic
Version: 2.61.03 [+ 17 DLCs | Legendary Edition]
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
Memory: 2 GB
Storage: 8 GB

Banner Saga 3 is the final part of the trilogy of the same name, where the northern clans continue their grueling march through eternal winter. Darkness has swallowed up the last shards of the old world, and from the murky depths the mysterious dredges emerged, waging war with the Warlords and humans. Traditionally, the story is divided into 2 parts: one tells the story of a group that was lucky enough to get to the capital of humans - Arberrang, and the second tells the story of the daredevils that went in search of the source of darkness. The Banner Saga 3 gameplay has undergone almost no changes. The player is once again responsible for the fate of the characters as they make their way through adversity, and fight off waves of terrifying enemies with the last of their might. You only have 40 turns to win. In case they are wasted, a group of survivors under the control of the player may die. Boosts interest in Banner Saga 3 by carrying over saves from the previous installment, as well as new options in forming your squad. This time the horned Warlocks can be joined by the Dragi. The third installment of Baner Saga is a long journey not only for the players, but also for the developers. The previous parts were notorious for monotonous arenas and identical opponents, but the third part is not. The final game of the trilogy has more action, more enemies, and more variety. Now the game does not have the usual obstacles, they have been replaced by obstacles that cause damage, such as fire or poisonous puddles. Such sources of damage not only do damage, but also take away some willpower. Also, Juno's team can no longer use the horn, but she has a dark sphere that emits lightning.


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Version: 2.61.03 [+ 17 DLCs | Legendary Edition]

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32-bit, Adventure, For Weak PCs, Strategy, Atmosphere, Fantasy, For multiple players, Great soundtrack, Open world, Turn-based Tactics, 3rd Person, Masterpiece, Funny, Role-playing action, Consequence Decisions, MMORPG, TBS, Tactical RPG

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