Beast Battle Simulator Download PC Game

Beast Battle Simulator Release: 2017
Developer: DOG HOGGLER
Version: From 23.02.2018
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
GPU: 1 GB of video memory that supports DirectX: 11

Beast Battle Simulator is an original battle simulator that takes place in the animal world. Both animalistic methods of combat, like biting and powerful blows, and human weapons are employed.

The player will have to assemble an army of a variety of creatures: penguins, dinosaurs, lions, unicorns - real and fictional animals will stand on the warpath under your command. Each "soldier" not only has his own unique abilities, but also owns a weapon. So before you send them into the battlefield, equip them with all the necessities.

Zebras with explosives, dinosaurs with laser guns or hippos with machine guns - any kind of madness is possible in the game. You can create your own fighter, relying on your wits and imagination. The main task is to think how to arrange your fighting animals, so that the victory remains with you and the losses are minimal.

Beast Battle Simulator features several modes - soccer, sandbox, and competition - each in their own way. More than 30 types of animals and a huge selection of weapons are available to the player, and incredibly realistic combat physics allows you to examine the battle in great detail.


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Version: from 23.02.2018

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Size To Download: 4.68 GB

32-bit, Sandbox, Simulation, 2017, TBS

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