Black Desert Free Download PC Game

Black Desert Release: 26 Jul. 2019
Developer: Pearl Abyss
Version: 05.09.18
Windows: XP/Vista/7/8 (32 or 64 bit);
CPU: AMD/INTEL 2.5 GHz or higher;
Memory: 4 GB
GPU: GeForce 9800GT/Radeon HD 3850 or higher;

Black Desert, a massively multiplayer third-person online role-playing game with a seamless game world. In the beginning you are able to choose the race of the main character, also customize his appearance. Depending on the chosen nation of the character, he will appear on the spawn of the race he belongs to. Each base features a different surrounding location, buildings, as well as quests and secondary characters on the spawn.

The NPCs will first familiarize you with the controls as well as the abilities of your character by giving you simple quests. You will have to go to certain places, fight enemies, and learn some special tricks. Each protagonist in Black Desert has a unique ability, as well as a huge tree of talents, which you can pump up, increasing the level of the warrior. Killing enemies that are located throughout the game world, you will be able to knock out their loot, as well as gain experience. Increase your skills, as well as upgrade your existing spells.

Each race can only wield certain types of weapons, but luckily, you'll only drop almost any items from your opponents that will fit your character. Complete story and side quests, fight side-by-side with other players against hordes of monsters, or reach a certain level, and then go to fight in arenas with users, proving who is the best player.


Black Desert download game

Version: 05.09.18

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32-bit, Action, Character Customization, Female Protagonist, Open world, Sandbox, Slasher, RPG, 2019, Hunting, MMO, Dark Fantasy, Loot, MMORPG, Fishing, Action Role-playing

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