Blake Stone Aliens of Gold Download PC Game

Blake Stone Aliens of Gold Release: 3 dec. 1993
Developer: JAM Productions
Version: 1.1
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Core Duo 2
Memory: 2 GB

Blake Stone Aliens of Gold is an old-school, somewhat naive first-person shooter, set in the first half of the 1990s. The game was developed based on the engine from Wolfenstein 3D. The engine, through the efforts of the folks at JAM Productions, has been noticeably expanded to include a number of striking innovations, one of which was the notorious level highlighting that was lacking in the original game.

If this game had been released 20 years later, it probably would have been dubbed just a global modification of the game that was at the root of this brand new project. However, in the 90s, when the gaming industry was just emerging, Blake Stone Aliens of Gold was greeted with particular enthusiasm as a completely separate and unique product, which, of course, is nonsense.

The game adds a different storyline, different locations, and opponents, but the weapons are generally similar to what we may have seen in Wolfenstein, with only slightly altered textures. According to the storyline, the world has been invaded by aliens, but we, Captain Blake Stone, must stop them. We have been captured, and now, we are determined to escape. For this, Captain Blake grabbed a blaster and started wandering through the narrow passageways of the alien ship, looking for a way out, sweeping away everything and everyone on his way home.


Blake Stone Aliens of Gold download for free on PC by torrent or without

Version: 1.1


Size To Download: 847.5 MB

32-bit, Action, First Person Shooter, Classic, for very weak PC

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