Call of Duty 2: A Soldier's Valor Download PC Game

Call of Duty 2: A Soldier's Valiant Release: 2007
Developer: LTD "UNM"
Version: 1.0
Windows: 98/ME/2000/XP;
CPU: Pentium III / Athlon 800 MHz;
Memory: 128 MB;
GPU: DirectX 9.0c-compatible with 32 MB;

Call of Duty 2: The feat of a soldier - a standalone add-on for the famous World War II-themed first-person shooter, created by enthusiastic fans of the franchise. Modification contains new locations and zones, tasks and unusual plot. Location: the city of Kursk, the year 1943. Starting as a prisoner in a prison cell, the gamer searches for a way to escape, and then engages in a series of intense firefights with foes. This addon can be completed in 6-8 hours and will give you an enjoyable experience and a story that will take your breath away. Several difficulty modes ensure comfortable gameplay for every player, regardless of experience.

The basic mechanics of the project remained unchanged: the hero moves through corridor levels filled with enemy fighters. You can deal with them using an authentic arsenal of the time: rifles, pistols and grenades. The canva is divided into 6 long episodes, each with a unique set of missions and scenery.

CoD 2: Feat of the soldier is based on the same engine as the original sequel. Its implementation guarantees excellent textures and animation, high-quality lighting and shadows, and good-quality, non-annoying special effects. Separately, we should highlight the professional voice acting of all protagonists and NPCs . A custom mod will appeal to fans of the legendary FPS as well as neophytes unfamiliar with it.


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Version: 1.0

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