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Call of Duty Black Ops Release: 9 Nov. 2010
Developer: Treyarch
Version: 12 and up.03.19
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 or better
Memory: 2 GB
GPU: with Shader 3 support.0, with 256 MB of video memory, NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT / ATI Radeon X1950Pro or better

The meeting with the protagonist of Call of Duty: Black Ops Alex Mason takes place under very unpleasant circumstances. We find the protagonist tied to a chair. And not just anywhere, but in a special place for interrogations. In fact, some people will be prying information from our protagonist, and we will take part in missions based on Alex's memories. The game's developers and screenwriters based the local narrative on the idea of developing a conspiracy theory. According to the authors' idea, we will be in Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, the Arctic and even in the camp near Vorkuta. With the latter, incidentally, will begin all the further action and jumps on the so-called "flashbacks. All the events are set in the 20th century. We delve into the history of world-renowned conflicts, e.g. the secret details of the outrageous Kennedy assassination, the Baikonur missile explosion and many other things. The scenery will change rapidly, and before you know it you will be in different locations and take part in different acts. True, this state of affairs does not impair the perception of the plot, as the authors have masterfully woven together a common myth relating to the aforementioned events that took place in the 1960s. A deep narrative is very good, of course, but what the players were expecting from COD BO was not another war-themed fairy tale, but action and spectacle. With the last two aspects Treyarch team managed to cope equally well, so we got gear-grinding gameplay, generously adorned with special effects, explosions, whistling bullets and dramatic moments.


Call of Duty Black Ops download game

Version: from 12.03.19

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32-bit, Action, For Weak PCs, Old Games, Shooter, 1st Person, First Person Shooters, Zombie

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