Call of Juarez: Treasures of the Aztecs Free Download PC Game

Call of Juarez: The Treasure of the Aztecs Release: 2006
Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2.4 GHz CPU
Memory: 512 MB RAM
GPU: 128 MB

Call of Juarez: Treasure of the Aztecs is an adventure first-person shooter set in a western. You will take control over a young guy named Billy. He grew up with a stepfather who was his every day. One day the teenager left home to find a treasure. When he realized that all his search was in vain, he returned home and found his parents dead with one strange inscription made of blood: "The Call of Juarez". At that moment, the protagonist's brother walked into the house and mistook the latter for a murderer, which sparked a conflict.

Users will need to explore the world around them, follow directions, solve problems and find the real killer of his family. Along the way, you'll firefight enemies, solve puzzles, and earn points that can only be gained in combat.

In Call of Juarez: Treasures of the Aztecs you will be able to find better weapons, communicate with secondary characters and travel in the wilderness. You need to get a good position in the firefights and shoot your enemies in the head to kill them with the first shot. You can shoot explosive barrels to kill opponents, or destroy surrounding objects and use them to neutralize your opponents.


Call of Juarez: Treasure of the Aztecs download game


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32-bit, Action, for very weak PCs, Shooter, 1st Person, First Person Shooters

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