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Castlevania Lords of Shadow Release: 27 Aug. 2013
Developer: MercurySteam - Climax Studios

The plot of Castlevania Lords of Shadow centers on a certain Gabriel Belmont, a man who is a member of the Brotherhood of Light, whose goal is to protect humanity from all kinds of evil. World Armageddon is coming. Heavenly and earthly forces are about to be destroyed. In a little while, the world will plunge into perpetual chaos, and demons will rule everything. The culprits of the coming "triumph" are the so-called "Lords of Shadow", whose plans include the destruction of humans and angels. The highlight of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is the atmospheric, brick by brick world. The events of the previous parts of the series unfolded inside a dark, gothic castle, where dark corridors were full of all manner of creatures of darkness. Now, passing chapter by chapter, we will visit dozens of unique locations where we will meet both good-natured allies and bloodthirsty foes. The universe of "Lords of Shadows" consists of hundreds of all sorts of little things that set the right tone for the environment and create the right atmosphere for one of the best examples of the so-called "heroic" epic. During 30 long but very interesting chapters we will explore this world and visit different places, starting from swampy marshes, where out of the water someone tries to catch us and drag to the bottom, ending with gothic temples, inside of which live creepy creatures. If you're a true lover of fantasy, especially of dark fantasy, you'll find a lot of beasts to your liking: werewolves, goblins, giant spiders, two-headed ogres, vampires, trolls, and many other creatures roam the world of shadows. Dangerous creatures" index allows you to learn more about the features of each kind of monsters.


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32-bit, Action, Adventure, For Weak PCs, Old Games, Atmosphere, Fantasy, Great soundtrack, 3rd Person, Deep story, Slasher, Gamepad Support, Nudity, Adventure Action, Dark Fantasy, 2013, Vampires, Middle Ages

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