CellFactor: Revolution Download PC Game

CellFactor: Revolution Release: 2007
Developer: Immersion Software & Graphics
Version: 1.0
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2.00 GHz
Memory: 1GB
GPU: Supporting DirectX

CellFactor: Revolution is a sci-fi shooter for multiplayer segment. This game prioritizes player battles with other players over storytelling. The single-player campaign is present here, but it serves more as a kind of introduction to the user, and only superficially explains the setting.

The Near Future. Alternate 21st century, the world is fully industrialized and exhausted by a series of man-made disasters caused by humans. Realizing that the planet would soon become uninhabitable, humans began to develop nanotechnology and cybernetics. As a consequence, there has been a new scientific and technological breakthrough, and people have been able to use the so-called psi powers along with augmentations and other body modifications.

In this state of affairs was not without a giant of arms in the face of corporation LIMBO, which put psi-powers in circulation and produced an army of soldiers perfect, only remotely resembling humans. With this troop, an industrial-military corporation intends to establish total control on Earth. The player, in the best traditions of the genre, will have to destroy the plans of LIMBO.


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Version: 1.0

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32-bit, Action, 3rd Person, First Person Shooter, Shooter, For weak PC

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