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Chernobylite Release: 2019
Developer: The Farm 51
Version: v 23213
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 x64-bit system
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K CPU
Memory: 8 GB
GPU: Geforce GTX 760 / GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon R7 370 / HD 7870
Storage: 45 GB

The strongest competitor to the acclaimed Stalker games series, having been to the zone for years in a row. You begin playing as a character who has recently arrived in the area to learn about artifacts and science. The project has a unique system of crafting, allowing you to create a weapon from scratch in the presence of all the components created ammunition. Nobody cancelled the modernization of found weapons.

The entire Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant has been rendered from scratch: the development team, which specializes in making 3D models, specially made a full-size cast for maximum realism of the map and important objects.

Stalkers in Chernobylite are not grouped into factions or clans. They run in small groups and try to improve their current abilities as much as possible. The opponents of the freelance stalkers have become the military, who want to keep the zone as it is now.

Upgraded graphics, unique music, a non-linear story, and a crafting and item gathering system that shows the Alienation Zone as it should be in a first-person shooter with survival elements. The developers have attributed an additional genre to the game, "Horror," but it is only a fitting. For those who played the series - do not be afraid of mutants!


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Version: v 23213

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Action, Adventure, Atmosphere, Indie, Role Playing (RPG), Destruction, Violence, Science Fiction, 1st Person, Exploration, Simulation, Horror, Early Access, Post-Apocalypse, First Person Shooters, Meat, Survival, Survival Horror, 2019

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