Chessmaster - 10th Edition Free Download PC Game

Chessmaster - 10th Edition Release: 2012
Developer: Mindscape Entertainment
Version: 1.0
Windows: XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Pentium II 500Mhz
Memory: 128MB

A unique chess simulator with excellent graphics and a unique learning system is the game Chessmaster - 10th Edition. With its help, beginners can quickly learn the game of chess, and experienced gamers can learn new tactical moves used by famous chess players.

If a player makes a knowingly losing move, the system will warn him of the possibility of unfortunate consequences for the party as a whole. The high level of AI makes the game of chess interesting and exciting for players with different levels of chess potential. Tips from leading grandmasters to raise the user's skill level and make him an unbeatable chess player in game or real life. The system of hints allows the player to understand the reason for his mistake and to avoid similar blunders in the future.

The gameplay is done in a user friendly color scheme. The beauty of chess is mesmerizing. The range of difficulty levels is quite diverse. Each is represented by a character with an individual style of play. The gamer will play a game with 200 opponents to choose from. A database of statistics will allow you to understand the number of wins and losses, as well as the evolution of the chess player.


Chessmaster - 10th Edition download game

Version: 1.0

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Size To Download: 16.5 MB

32-bit, Action, Simulation, for very weak PC

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