Children of Zodiarcs Download PC Game

Children of Zodiarcs Release: 18 July 2017
Developer: Cardboard Utopia
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 x64-bit system
CPU: Intel i3-6300 / AMD A10-7850K
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 3 GB

Children of Zodiarcs is a brand new project in which you can visit a certain fantasy world filled with unique adventures and emotions. Here every gamer can feel himself a part of the conflict between the authorities and the protesters, who have decided to lay their hands on the treasures of the kingdom. Their plan has been realized, but now with many loot they have to escape from the armed guards, who are already alerted to the crime and will be looking for you by any means. Yes, you will be able to confront the guards, but don't be so sure that they will be your only obstacle to freedom and wealth.

At first you will be forced to flee through a luxurious palace, fighting all the guards along the way. After that, you will be able to visit the dark corners of the sewers, which are inhabited by horrible and cruel cannibals. But even this is not the end, because outside the city walls there will be crowds of treacherous bandits waiting for you. In a word, there will be a lot of adventures and emotions.

The gameplay of this game is a tactical battles with enemies. That is, every time you meet your enemy, you engage him in a turn-based fight. And to help in the skirmish, you will have various cards with which you can apply many different actions. Finally, the combat system here is very realistic, and it takes into account the entire environment: obstacles, enemy direction sides, and other details. You can already download this project by torrent for free and go on dangerous journeys.


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Size To Download: 1.07 GB

Strategy, 2017, Indie, Card Game

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