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Cities in Motion 2 Release: 2 apg. 2013
Developer: Colossal Order Ltd.
Version: 1.6.3

Cities in Motion 2 is the sequel to one of the most realistic Taikun, or business simulator, where the gamer gets the opportunity to establish and develop a transportation company. There are two modes to choose from. The first, the campaign, contains a number of scenarios and quests to complete, all varying in difficulty, starting conditions, and other features. So, there are 6 settlements of different sizes and settlements, for which are prepared their own quests. They are divided into main and side, and come from both the local mayor and ordinary citizens. A sandbox allows you to enjoy endless gameplay, shaping your own initial settings, such as turning off the limit of funds or stopping the growth of inhabitants.

Unlike the prequel, the route now begins and ends at the depot. There you can also buy new units and improvements to them. A total of 5 types of transportation are present: bus, trolleybus, subway, regular and river streetcar. Each species has an extensive roster of models with unique looks and characteristics. Also among the simulator's advantages are the dynamic change of day and night, the customization of your avatar and several other upgrades. CiM 2 is built on the Unity engine, which has been literally maxed out with high quality textures and animations, great lighting and shadows. Watching cities on the move in your spare time is a pleasure.


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Version: 1.6.3

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32-bit, Strategy, Trains, For multiple players, Sandbox, Management, Simulation, Masterpiece, Construction, 2013, Economics, City Building Simulator

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