Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog Download PC Game

Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog Release: 19 Nov. 2012
Developer: Matrix Games
Version: 1.02a (18233)
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 800 MHz CPU
Memory: 1 GB
GPU: 256 MB

Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog is a standalone project with an original historical story. It is based on a German counterattack near Morten in France.

The Nazis hastily assembled eight divisions into Panzer Corps 47, which is under the command of Kluge. These troops were tasked with destroying the U.S. Air Force under General Omar Bradley's command. The situation was not in favor of the Germans. German troops not only failed to accomplish their mission, but also fell into the cauldron themselves.

The game offers the gamer a choice between individual battles, campaigns or operations. Map Editor offers the ability to create your own scenario to play at your leisure.

There are up to 5 major campaigns in the game, but in each of them, the player can choose which side he prefers to play. An advanced customization system allows you to customize the duration of combat operations, the ability to capture key points, and more.
The updated graphics engine provides nice explosion animation, improved shadows of static objects, and the visual component of the picture of the battlefield remained the same.


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Version: 1.02a (18233)

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32-bit, For Weak PCs, Strategy, Re-playability, Simulation, Multiplayer, 2012, Tactics, TBS, World War II, Military Conflicts

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