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Cold Fear Release: 28 Mar. 2005
Developer: Darkworks
Version: 1.0

Cold Fear is one of those survival horror games that is among the best of the genre, one might even say legendary. This project was developed by the Darkworks team, and the game was originally released on consoles. Hence the common problem of such games - horrible controls and out-of-control camera view, the angle of which is conveniently changed at the most inappropriate moments. Otherwise, we get a high quality "silenthill-like" action from the third person. The authors of the game were inspired by such famous movies as "Virus" and "The Thing" to write their unique storyline. A Russian ship was taken from the first story, paranormal phenomena and monsters from the second. Of course, all these elements are masterfully integrated into an interesting, scripted from scratch story. In the main role of the latter is Tom Hensen - Coast Guard lifeguard, who was awarded the honorary title of hero. On an official mission, he is sent on a mission to investigate a Russian whaling ship and report back to headquarters on the situation on the ship. Upon arrival on the ship, the protagonist is horrified to discover that the crew have disappeared without a trace. Soon it becomes clear that the team has gone nowhere: all of its members have been infected with a virus unknown to mankind, which turns its host into a kind of zombie. Hensen, being brave by nature, decides to deal with the situation alone. Running from one cabin to another, from ship's bow to tail, Tom shoots off limbs of all sorts of troublemakers, solves the local problems with closed doors and eventually bumps into Anya Kamskaya - the only surviving crew member of the Russian whaling ship.


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Version: 1.0

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32-bit, Action, Old Games, 3rd Person, First Person Shooter, Shooter, Horror, Mechanics, Catalyst, Gamepad, Survival Horror, On Very Weak PC

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