CTU: Counter Terrorism Unit Download PC Game

CTU: Counter Terrorism Unit Release: 22 Apr. 2016
Developer: Odin Game Studio
Version: 1.0.20

If you know what an action shooter is in the classic sense, CTU Counter Terrorism Unit will not be a revelation to you. This game is made with all the canonical features of this category of virtual entertainment. You will take on the role of a special forces soldier, called to eliminate the terrorist threat. Traditionally, the proverbial elimination takes place in the process of clearing the same-type locations.

Our special ops soldier has a limited arsenal, but the weapons and gadgets are enough to get you out of trouble in any situation. A scouting device helps you scout behind doors, night vision goggles give you a view in the dark or in an unlit room, and various types of grenades allow you to stun, smoke or blow up your enemies.

Fulfilling task after task, be it eliminating terrorists or rescuing hostages, you will be rewarded with money. The latter are needed to purchase new weapons, devices and ammunition. Also for the money you can hire fighters and perform missions not alone, but together with your squad.


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Version: 1.0.20

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Size To Download: 2.13 GB

32-bit, Action, Strategy, Tactics, 2016

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