Cultist Simulator Download PC Game

Cultist Simulator Release: May 31. 2018
Developer: Weather Factory
Version: 2019.5.a.3 + DLC
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2GHz or better
Memory: 1 GB
GPU: 1280x768 minimum resolution, post-2012 integrated graphics
Storage: 500 MB

Cultist Simulator is a role-playing card video game in which each player can create a unique story with their characters and all sorts of events. The action unfolds in a magical world where you can find the cult dedicated to the Holy Grail, find and fight with the Witch or the Blacksmith of Days.

Users are able to select starter cards at the beginning of the gameplay, and then start completing tasks and exploring the vast text world. Find friends, helpers, or fight enemies. Follow the ever-changing storyline, solve puzzles and complete quests.

In Cultist Simulator, gamers will be able to kill their charges in order to create a certain item, or solve a meaningful plot. You'll be able to engage in numerous dialogues with your units as well as your enemies. You can always choose a few phrases from those provided, which can change the outcome of the conversation as a whole.

Loot the Stellar Shattered Fane, enter the Clock Kingdom and other surreal locations in the game world. New enemies, obstacles, and allies will appear in these locations. In each area, users can create their own story that can never be repeated in other matches.


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Version: 2019.5.a.3 + DLC

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32-bit, For Weak PCs, Strategy, Atmosphere, Deep plot, Great soundtrack, Indie, 2018, Casual, Simulation, Grim, Horror, Challenging, Decisions with consequences, Dark Fantasy, Board Game, Card Game, Addictive

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