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DARK Release: 4 Jul. 2013
Developer: Realmforge Studios
Version: + DLC

Dark is a stealth game that uses RPG components, in which the player takes the image of a vampire.

The action takes place in the modern era, though at the same time, phenomenal images appear in the world depicted by the creators. Play as Eric Bane, who wakes up in a bar one day, not knowing who he is or how he got here. The character realizes that he was bitten by a vampire and that he does not have time to complete the transformation process, because otherwise he would become a creature-encephalus called a ghoul.

Dark provides an extensive single player campaign, during which we visit, among other things, a posh museum or a huge skyscraper belonging to an enemy organization. The game is an agility game dominated by invisibility components, so the player spends most of his time sneaking through shadows and quietly destroying foes.

As for the vampire, Eric also has a number of unique skills, including the ability to teleport, temporarily stun enemies, become semi-invisible or move at superhuman speed. It all helps, because during the journey you will have to face not only people (including heavily armed and equipped monster hunters) but also very fast and capable of poisoning your targets.


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Version: + DLC

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32-bit, Action, Stealth, 3rd Person, Grim, For weak PC, Vampires, 2013

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