Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Free Download PC Game

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Release: 25 Oct. 2006
Developer: Arkane Studios
Version: 1.2
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1,8 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 2000+
Memory: 512 MB
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 6600 / Radeon X1300

Despite the fact that Dark Messiah of Might and Magic has all the main components of a classic RPG, namely an epic story in the spirit of a typical fantasy, the possibility of character development, and a variety of things you can put on the main character, you can not call this game a traditional RPG. Before us is a first-person action-adventure, in which the emphasis is on the role elements and wagering roles. According to the plot, we will play as a wizard's apprentice named Saref. The protagonist was supposed to deliver a valuable artifact to the fortress, but a sudden attack by evil necromancers changed the student's plans. Necromancer henchmen killed a lot of people, stole an artifact, hurt a girl wizard. Saref is now forced to wield a sword, dagger, or staff to exact justice and retrieve the stolen item. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is a linear game to the end, during the passage of which the player can not join the side of evil or good, and have to play for the forces of light. However, but there is a choice of class. Right during the gameplay the user can decide which specialization will belong to his character: whether it will be a magician, a warrior, a robber, or combine together all at once. The battles in the game allow you to experience the real effect of presence. In battle, the hero is not just swinging his weapon in front of him; you can feel the protagonist's torso leaning from side to side, the way his swinging staff or sword strikes the enemy, and the trembling hand that draws the bowstring.


Dark Messiah of Might and Magic download game

Version: 1.2

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