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Dark Sector Release: 23 Mar. 2009
Developer: Digital Extremes
Version: 1.0

Scenario-wise, Dark Sector is a very interesting and exciting representative of the category of third-person action-adventure shooters. At the very beginning of the game we almost immediately get used to the role of Hayden Tanno, a secret CIA agent, whose mission is to find and rescue another agent, who arrived a little earlier. The events of the game unfold in the fictional state of Lasria, where the local government has been playing with biological weapons. As a consequence of failed experiments, monsters and zombies have appeared in the world. It all starts out fast and without unnecessary drag. The main character accidentally receives a lethal dose of a poisonous substance while on a mission. Fortunately, he somehow miraculously manages to survive, but not without consequences. His body gradually mutates, flesh and skin turning to metal. Along with the infection, the protagonist gains new abilities that can and should be developed as you go along. In the middle of the game Hayden Tanno will be able to use temporary invisibility and generate energy shield which protects from enemy's bullets. At the start of the game the protagonist will have a powerful weapon, which is a hybrid of an African boomerang and a Japanese shuriken. You can use the flying "glaive" to decapitate or disarm enemies. In the game Dark Sector notorious "glaive" deserves special attention. This item is not only a weapon capable of storing electrical charge or igniting from other sources, but also becomes the key to solving local puzzles, with which this action-shooter is generously laced with. Also "glaive" can be controlled in slow-mo mode, and make effective and extremely brutal strokes.


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Version: 1.0

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32-bit, Action, Old Games, 3rd Person, Shooter, Horror, Masterpiece, For weak PC, Meat, 2009

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