DarkStone Download PC Game

DarkStone Release: 31 Jul. 1999
Developer: Delphine Software
Version: 1.05b
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2.4 GHz CPU
Memory: 1 GB

DarkStone - one of the many clones of Diablo, followed in its footsteps, however, brought something new: a fully three-dimensional gaming space, which for 1999 was something unusual and new.

What is this quest in the Action/RPG genre??

The world has been overrun by a violent red dragon demon named Draak, who can only be defeated by putting together a powerful artifact. As you progress through the storyline, our squad, led by our protagonist and her companions, must gather the pieces of a crystal of immense power that can send Drax back to oblivion.

There are towns where you can sell and buy weapons, ammunition and supplies, dungeons populated by hordes of evil monsters eager to finish off our squad members as soon as possible, there's everything the conventional internal RPG genre of Hack and Slash has to offer. Battling monsters and clearing dungeons is the main task for the player, which he will cope with for 95% of the gameplay time.

Particularly interesting are the boss fights, from which a huge amount of experience points and rare ammunition and weapons are dropped.

If you want to plunge into another fantasy adventure, explore the world of DarkStone!


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Version: 1.05b

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32-bit, Action, Slasher, Retro, Cooperative local game, Classic, Role-playing action, for very weak PC, 1999

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