Disciples 3 Renaissance Download PC Game

Disciples 3 Renaissance Release: 2009
Developer: .dat
Version: 1.04 HF 10
Windows: XP/Vista/Windows 7
CPU: AMD 3000+ or Intel Pentium 2 Ghz
Memory: 1 GB
GPU: ATI Radeon 9600 or NVidia (DirectX compatible), 128 MB

The turn-based strategy game, Disciples 3 Renaissance, is a full-fledged addition to the official project, becoming the long-awaited third installment for fans. There has been a lot of controversy about this game, so players, make your assessments and say what the developers did wrong again. Deity turns her back on her created world - Nevendaar. He, however, releases the closest warrior to this planet to destroy it completely, as ordinary people turn out to be of no use to him.

Inoel is in a terrible state when he sees the true state of affairs. Not What God Told Her. He presented her with a picture of a dying world full of depravity and horrible creatures, but Inoel sees that, in fact, there are people here who want peace, but need their god. They are ready to sacrifice to him again whatever he wants, but it is his indifference that makes life harder for them. Heroine falls in love with the world she is ordered to destroy. It should be said that, in any case, the heroine dies at the end of the game.

The player will have to run several errands for Inoel to get to Iseril's lair. He helps his overlord, a deity, change the order of the world, so a small troupe decided to pay him a visit and fix things with weapons and magic. Inoel helps us right up until Iseral destroys her for disobedience.


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Version: 1.04 HF 10

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Size To Download: 2.00 GB

32-bit, Strategy, For weak PC, TBS

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