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Divinity Dragon Commander Release: 6 Aug. 2013
Developer: Larian Studios

It cannot be said that Divinity: Dragon Commander will suit the vast majority of gamers. This project is aimed at those who are well versed in both strategic and role-playing games. As well as those who are interested in the fusion of two diametrically opposed sets. In our case, we have a rattling mix of fantasy atmosphere with the concept of steampunk technology. This is the kind of unusual broth that includes another extra ingredient that sets the flavor of the whole game. Of course, we are talking about the possibility of saddling a fire-breathing dragon and riding a scaly monster directly into the thick of the battle. While the single-player campaign in Divinity Dragon Commander takes place in the world of Divinity, the visual style of the game is completely different from what we are used to. Inside the project of Larian Studios team successfully incorporated the idea of steam technology and modern modernism. So the sky will shake not only from the wings of dragons, but also from the engine of airships running over the ground, which are a good fighting unit. Of course, in this universe it is not without magic, but it will accompany the technology. The player here assumes the duties of the so-called "Dragon Knight" or Dragon Knight in common parlance. The user's sidekick is not a friendless hero, so in the beginning, Raven, a huge mothership, will be under the gamer's control. On the latter, in fact, the player will plough the expanse of a huge map of the world, discovering piece by piece. Your task is to reclaim the Empire, making it unstoppable against any and all enemies. On your journey, you will not only think about the battles, but also deal with the development of the technological tree and enchantment.


Divinity Dragon Commander download game


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32-bit, Action, Adventure, For Weak PCs, Strategy, Deep plot, Turn-based Tactics, 3rd Person, Slasher, Simulation, Mechanics, RPG, Catalyst, Complex, RTS, Dragons, Funny, Platformer, Humor, Crafting, TBS, Global Strategy

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