Double Cross Free Download PC Game

Double Cross Release: 10 Jan. 2019
Developer: 13AM Games
Version: 1.0

The Rift of Zahra began to keep order in the galaxy when the entire universe was mired in attacks by strange creatures. Double Cross is a platformer game with elements of interactive animation. Our hero is one of the commanders of Rift Zahra. Our official base, classified in space, is attacked by representatives of a completely unknown faction. Our task is to inform the attackers. As well as a reflection of the attack, of course.

We have several heroes from the Rift to choose from. Each of the characters has a unique ability that we will improve during the course of the story. Separately, we should thank the developers for creating a universe that does not resemble any of the previously invented: the map is filled with elements of interaction, RPG shows that the location is more subordinate to us than before the pumping of the hero. NPCs help make sense of the game, rather than complicating the process with constant tasks.

Most of the movements in the game are done with the in-game slingshot. We automatically move to any point in the location, from where we start defending the Rift Territory.

A bit of surrealism, combinations, techniques, and different attacks in Double Cross help focus the gameplay.


Double Cross download game

Version: 1.0

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, Female Protagonist, Indie, 2D Game, Gamepad Support, Colorful, Platformer, Space, 2019, Side View, Puzzle Platformer, Weak PC, Aliens, New for Weak PC, Animated

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