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Dream Diary Release: 2005
Developer: Kikiyama
Version: 0.10
Windows: XP / Vista / 7
CPU: 800 MHz
Memory: 256 MB
GPU: DirectX9 compatible.0c

Dream Diary, aka Yume Nikki, is a psychedelic art-adventure puzzle game created by Japanese indie developers from small home studio Kikiyama. Despite the obvious triviality, this project has received its popularity because of the unique gameplay and surrealistic environment.

As befits the majority of indie projects, Diary of Dreams has no outstanding storyline. According to the latter, the local protagonist is a little girl named Madotsuki who likes to sleep very much. Truth be told, the protagonist sleeps almost constantly, from which her dreams have become her life. In her dreams she participates in different events, and then, when she wakes up, she transfers the memories of what she has seen into her diary.

It's not hard to guess that the player will have to travel through the surreal dreams of a little girl. Each dream is a work of art, it is a unique world full of colors and variety, it is a piece of a puzzle, by putting it together, the gamer can find the answer to the question as to why the girl has locked herself in her room and is doing almost nothing but sleeping.


Dream Diary download game

Version: 0.10

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Size To Download: 45.18 MB

32-bit, Adventure, 2D Game, very weak PC, Indy

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