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Earth 2160 Release: 1 Apr. 2006
Developer: Reality Pump Studios
Version: 1.3.8

Earth 2160 is another traditional real-time strategy game, a must-read if you are a fan of the RTS genre. Of course, the game released in 2005 by Reality Pump Studios is unlikely to impress anyone today with graphics and physics, but it is worth playing not for the visual beauty, but for the interesting twisted plot and impressive gameplay features. Narratively, the game Earth 2160 continues the events of its predecessor of the same name. According to the story, this time a new war will unfold on the expanses of the Red Planet. After the previous conflict, which resulted in the total destruction of the Earth, people began to move in masses: a part of humanity chaotically scattered in space, the other part settled on Mars, where there was a new conflict for territory and resources. It can't be helped, war is the natural habitat of humanoids endowed with intelligence. The game Earth 2160 can be played as four unique factions: United Civilized States, Eurasian Dynasty, Lunar Corporation, and Morphids. The campaign for the last side of the conflict is especially interesting, because the player will play as a hostile alien race, which is able to rapidly reproduce units and has extremely strong air troops. Morphids, aka Aliens, are particularly dangerous beings whose goal is the destruction of humanity. Speaking of the peculiarities of the remaining three sides of the conflict, it is worth noting that the SCS is armed with the most advanced combat equipment, and units are able to teleport. The Eurasian Dynasty may not have the most advanced technology, but their weapons are unmatched in strength. Lunar Corporation, in turn, possesses electromagnetic fields, anti-gravity cannons and ultrasonic weapons. Its trump card is mobility and power.


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Version: 1.3.8

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