Emperor Battle For Dune Free Download PC Game

Emperor Battle For Dune Release: 2001
Developer: Westwood Studios
Version: 1.09
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Pentium 400 MHz
Memory: 64 MB

Three-dimensional real-time strategy game Emperor Battle For Dune (2001) is the final part of the series with the same name based on the book of the same name that was successfully filmed. In its sense, this game is a kind of re-release of Dune 2. To be expected, the events of the game are not set anywhere, but on the familiar planet of Arraxis, where three warring factions are trying to destroy each other and take over not only the spice fields, but the entire planet. Despite the new-found three-dimensionality for the series, the game Emperor Battle For Dune remains a classic on all fronts: Atreides, Harkonnens and Ordos still fight for power, Harvesters clean up the spice fields and units try to minimize the movement on the pure sand space, because the giant Worm is not going anywhere. It still devours everyone on the sand. This is the kind of atmosphere the entire gameplay takes place in. To begin, the player, in what has become a franchise tradition, chooses a House from the aforementioned. After that begins a series of missions. Quests in the game are not particularly original and unique: gather a certain amount of resources, escort a particularly important person from one base to another, repel an attack by representatives of two enemy factions, attack and destroy these representatives. As for the gameplay, it is also as classic as possible: you pave the sand with slabs, build a base on them, fortify the base, create barracks, produce units, accumulate military power and, of course, extract spice. Without this resource, which is mined under the sand, you can neither build buildings nor produce units.


Emperor Battle For Dune download game

Version: 1.09

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