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Ex Machina Release: 8 Dec. 2005
Developer: Targem Games
Version: 1.06.0073
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
GPU: DirectX compatible 128 MB
Storage: 2500 MB

Ex Machina is a post-apocalyptic third-person action-racing game with role-playing elements. The game tells us about the world after a nuclear war. Several decades have passed since the nuclear bombing. Exactly what caused the nuclear bombing is unknown - it's up to the player to find out as you go along. However, the surviving humans left the ruins of the cities to establish new settlements. In one of these, along with his father, lived our main character. Over time, communication and trade began to develop between the settlements, infrastructure was put in order, and old machinery became the basis for survival. The air in this universe is contaminated, so people have to stay on the surface of the Earth wearing special masks that allow them to breathe on a polluted planet. The player is given the role of a young lad who has just celebrated his 18th birthday and was given an old truck as a gift. A starter truck will become a new home on wheels for the protagonist in the game Ex Machina. The player has to take care of the car, improving it and replacing parts with more powerful. There are several types of trucks in the game. In addition to the standard vehicle, the player can buy a milk truck, Ural, BelAZ and an armored personnel carrier. Each vehicle can be improved, for example, by buying and installing a new cab, which enhances armor, increases speed, adds power, and makes the truck more maneuverable. The better the body and the cabin of your car, the more powerful weapons you can install on it. The latter is divided into the following classes: small, medium and large. Each is installed in its own separate slot in the truck and is suitable for the resolution of certain game situations.


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Version: 1.06.0073

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