Feed and Grow Fis Download PC Game

Feed and Grow Fis Release: January 8, 2016
Developer: Old B1ood
Version: 0.11.4
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: i5 4th gen. or better
Memory: 4 GB
GPU: Direct3D 11.0 mimimum with atleast 2GB VRAM
Storage: 2 GB

If you are interested in evolution or just like to watch the evolution of different organisms, then you should definitely download Feed and Grow Fish by torrent for free. With this game you will have a chance to go on an adventure in the deep ocean. You are given the role of a simple little fish who has to learn how to survive in a dangerous wild environment and hide from the evil predatory fish. But hiding from bigger hunters for a long time is impossible, so you will have to lead your own hunt for weak and helpless fish to get bigger and evolve.

Gameplay boils down to the fact that you need to plow the ocean depths, look at the beautiful seascapes and get positive emotions from the whole process. Each fish you eat will leave a mark in the hero's body in the form of a certain skill. For instance, you will have your health boosted, or your appearance will have changed. The main goal of the game you need to pursue is to become the most dangerous member of the marine fauna and instill fear in all the inhabitants of the sea. It will take you some time, but the enjoyment you'll get afterwards is worth it. Make everyone start hiding from you, not you from them!


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Version: 0.11.4

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Size To Download: 744 MB

Action, Simulation, Early Access, 2016

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