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Fez Release: May 1. 2013
Developer: Polytron Corporation
Version: 1.12

Fez is an addictive platform game.

The main character, Gomez, is an animated two-dimensional guy, who over the years has become accustomed to his flat world full of textures and sprites. One day, however, he discovers that there are many other lands that give their inhabitants an extra degree of freedom.

Daredevil from Fez did not hesitate long, and decided as soon as possible to explore this seemingly unlikely anomaly. The journey to the third dimension gave him some problems, given the fact that Gomez is completely flat, but enthusiasm and curiosity allowed him to find his place in an unknown reality.

However, to be able to deal effectively with the new realities, he must ask for help from the player, who with his lush imagination and orientation in space will help him safely travel to this mysterious but exciting world. The gameplay is paradoxically characterized by a large dose of freshness (the intersection of two sub-platforms - 2D and 3D), as well as a little nostalgia for the absolute classics of the genre from 8-bit (immortal jumps on platforms, blocks, buildings).


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Version: 1.12

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32-bit, Adventure, Atmosphere, Indie, 2D Game, Mystery, Pixel graphics, Puzzle, Retro, Casual, Exploration, Relaxing, Gamepad Support, Masterpiece, Platformer, For weak PC, Perfect Soundtrack, 2013

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