FTL Faster Than Light Download PC Game

FTL Faster Than Light Release: 14 Sep. 2012
Developer: Subset Games
Version: 1.6.7
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
GPU: Minimum resolution 1280x720, OpenGL 2 support.0; discrete graphics card with 128 MB of video memory recommended

In FTL: Faster Than Light we assume the responsibility of commanding the space cruiser "Kestrel" as well as the integrity and safety of the crew aboard the starship. Our mission, as a captain, is to blaze the safest possible route through endless space and evade the enemy forces. According to the story, the crew of the Kestrel managed to get information about the further intentions of the rebel army. Such valuable information should be handed over to the main forces of the Federation. According to the laws of the genre, the main military base of the allies is almost at the other end of the universe. However, there is nothing left for you but to go there, overcoming all sorts of difficulties on your and thorny path. Traveling from sector to sector, you and your team will encounter all kinds of trouble and inconvenience. FTL is not about epic space ship collisions. There are no incredible battle scenes accompanied by special effects. The lion's share of your time will be spent managing the Kestrel, keeping a close eye on the ship's compartments and systems of varying importance. A close-up of the ship occupies half of the screen, the other half of the monitor is a ship of the enemies, if it approaches your. This allows you to assess the situation and see damage to yourself and the enemy. There is no need to control Kestrel directly - the game does it for you. You just need to keep an eye on the fuel status of the engines, the strength of the energy shields and the state of the cannons. Also, no need to aim your fire at the enemy. It is enough to give the order to the shooter to shoot from a certain gun at a certain part of the enemy spacecraft.


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Version: 1.6.7

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32-bit, for very weak PCs, Strategy, Turn-based Tactics, Pixel graphics, Science Fiction, Simulation, Excellent Soundtrack, Gamepad Support, Masterpiece, Beat'em up, RTS, Medieval, One Life, Simplified Roguelike, Fighting, Roguelike

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