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Garshasp Release: May 9. 2011
Developer: Fanafzar Game Studios
Windows: XP/Vista/Win7 x64-bit system
CPU: Pentium 4 2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
GPU: with 256 MB of video memory, Nvidia 6600 or better

Garshasp from III - Garshasp is a direct embodiment of ancient Persian mythology from the studio of developers that know a lot about the history of their people. The graphics in the game were tried to be as close to the time as possible, and the bosses and monsters became the embodiment of several invented stories. However, Garshasp lacks the kind of realism found in games of this genre: you can't believe our hero's story or his problems.

Cersaspa slaughters his enemies because he wants to save his family. Once upon a time, when he was very young, his parents were brutally murdered by Savara, a snake that looked more like a dragon. After getting some significant burns on his face, little Carshasp decided to get revenge. Here we are with a vengeance.

In Garshasp, unlike the Persian Prince, many historical items work correctly. The Sands of Time shows what really happened. This same wonder of the world shows us the way in a linear plot.

Graphics and gameplay in the game are clearly outdated, but do not let you fall asleep or yawn. The textures load quickly, and the views of the ancient castles during the short trailers are actually beautiful. Combat is limited to a few combo punches, a couple of special moves, and perpetual jumping.

Despite this - the game is worthy. Nominal Walkthrough Time - 13 hours.


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32-bit, Action, Indie, Slasher, For weak PC, 2011

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