GENSOU Skydrift Download PC Game

GENSOU Skydrift Release: December 11, 2019
Developer: illuCalab

Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 x64-bit system
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad
Memory: 4 GB
GPU: Radeon HD 8670D / Geforce GTS 250
Storage: 3 GB

GENSOU Skydrift is an arcade racing simulator in Japanese style. Here you will have to drive on the most dangerous routes, learn the basics of magic to use it during the races, as well as do a lot of different things.

The events of the project take place in the fictional country of Gensoka, which in many ways resembles a futuristic Japan. This place is famous for the fact that everyone here learns magic and spends his time in endless adventures. But that's not even the point of life for the locals. The main principle of their life is to conduct unusual racing races, in which only the strongest are destined to win. Here you are allowed to use both magic and various cunning tricks, and even girls as racing props. In short, there is real chaos going on, in which you will also have to take part.

If you download this game for free by torrent, you will have to control two female racers, one of which will be a rider, and the second will be, roughly speaking, a racing device. So you'll be given control of a whole suite of female racers.

The gameplay does not conceal any tricks and secrets: there are several race tracks on which you must come first. To achieve the highest score, you must rely not only on your abilities as a racer, but also on magic, combined with clever tricks. You are entitled to various rewards for winning, as well as a variety of options for boosting your girls.

A key feature is that in addition to the abundance of locations and different biomes, the game has more than twenty different options for girls. Each of the racers has unique skills and characteristics that will help you win in four different modes.


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