Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Russia Forever Download PC Game

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Russia Forever Release: 2014
Developer: Maxim`Z
Version: 2.0 (Full HD Edition)
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2,4 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 2400+
Memory: 2 GB RAM
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 7600 / Radeon X1600

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Russia Forever is an action-adventure game in an open-world game with a huge number of mods stylized for Russian entourage. All transport has been replaced by domestic vehicles, graphics have improved, and subtitles and cities have been given funny names and sayings, making the gameplay more humorous than serious.

Just like in the original game, you will be able to complete quests, meet your partners, travel through cities, fight cops and gangs. The game has the same locations, but in some of them the developer of the mod added certain changes. In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Russia Forever even the train has been changed to Russian, which will enter your attention from the start of the "journey". Cars may not start on the first try and sometimes you may even need to push them to get them to start.

Calling a cab will bring you a Volga 3110, a sloppy, dirty and decrepit car, driving at such a low speed that the protagonist can get to the desired location faster if he runs. Gaining stars, the cops will also come for you in a domestic car, which does not intimidate their presence on the map. Some weapons were removed and Russian-made cannons were added, which most of all diversify the firefights.


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Version: 2.0 (Full HD Edition)

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Size To Download: 3.77 GB

32-bit, Action, Adventure, 3rd Person, First Person Shooter, Shooter

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