GRID Autosport Free Download PC Game

GRID Autosport Release: 27 Jun. 2014
Developer: Codemasters Racing Studios
Version: [+ 6 DLC]
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 x64-bit system
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 5400+
Memory: 2 GB
GPU: Intel HD3000 or AMD HD2000 Series or NVIDIA Geforce 8000 Series
Storage: 15 GB

Not formally, the game GRID Autosport is a kind of a collection of all the franchise developments, the best of which were implemented by Codemasters in a single game project. Here is a racing simulator that can please each and every fan of virtual races abundance of diverse content, a variety of modes and different disciplines, including street racing, Formula 1 competitions, drifting and much more. In addition, ample vehicle tuning options will spread out in front of the player. All of this carefully wrapped in a nice graphical wrapper with very democratic system requirements. GRID Autosport game offers five racing disciplines: touring car racing, survival racing, Formula 1, competition on tuning cars and street racing. It is noteworthy that at the beginning, and in general as you pass the single tournament, the player can choose a discipline and pass the game strictly within its framework. This state of affairs brings a huge range of variety and freedom of choice to this racing simulator. For example, if you're not interested in Formula One, there's nothing stopping you from simply skipping that discipline and enjoying the remaining four or one to choose from. Local car park consists entirely of licensed vehicles with easily recognizable sponsor logos like Razer or BlackBerry. There are a lot of cars and you can literally ride on all of them, because before each new run the player is offered to change the car. However, it is worth noting that units such as McLaren or Lola require gamer to a high level of skill in virtual driving - these four-wheeled monsters do not forgive errors.


GRID Autosport download game

Version: [+ 6 DLC]

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, Atmosphere, Female Protagonist, Open world, 3rd Person, Deep story, Retro, 1st Person, Simulation, Gamepad Support, Masterpiece, Racing, Sports, VR, Split Screen, Cinematic

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