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Griftlands Release: June 2020
Developer: Klei Entertainment
Version: v463060

A small studio of developers called Klei Entertainment present their new project Griftlands, which can already be downloaded for free torrent. This time you get a chance to take on the role of a brave adventurer, and go to an uncharted and secret planet. You are not driven by a thirst for some emotions, and not even the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights. All you need to do is to find new ways to get rich and gain new capital. On a dangerous path, you will constantly have to fight enemies, as well as make critical decisions that will have an impact on the world around you. The colorful and unobtrusive styling of the game is a nice addition to the whole thing.

You hold all the cards in your hands in this game - you can do anything you want. You can assemble your own squad and then raid and pillage. You can, on the contrary, take on the role of a good hero, but then your coffers will be replenished harder and longer, but your conscience is clear.

Key Features:
- A colorful world and unusual graphic design;
- The possibility of making various moral choices;
- You choose your character's path - the path of the bad guy or the good guy;
- A fascinating story.


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Version: v463060

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