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Grim Dawn Release: 25 Feb. 2016
Developer: Crate Entertainment
Version: [+ 4 DLC's]

Grim Dawn - canonical RPG-slasher, which offers players a classic gameplay in favor of the diabloid genre. That means you will have to deal with the ruthless slaying of tens, hundreds, and even thousands of monsters of different kinds, including huge bosses living in pitch-dark dungeons. This project with a single point of impact kills two birds with one stone. The first is Diablo 3, the second is Path of Exile. Grim Dawn, unlike the two aforementioned colleagues, offers its fans a two-class system of character development. This system encourages the player to build their own style of gameplay by pairing abilities. A total of 6 classes in the game: Occultist, Shaman, Soldier, Bomber, Mystic, Night Blade. It is noteworthy that each class opens when the player reaches a certain level. The choices and consequences in the game presented are an important part of the gameplay. So, for example, by making cruel and cold-blooded decisions, you doom an entire family as well as an entire settlement. A vast amount of power is concentrated in your hands, and you will never know in advance what consequences your decisions will lead to. Thanks to a system of factional quests, you'll be able to earn a reputation with different groups of NPCs, which in turn will give you access to unique items and equipment. Your reputation has a direct influence on the prices of the merchants. The higher your authority, the higher your discounts at any retail outlet. However, you must choose your allies wisely, as the enemies of the rival faction will also become your opponents. Destructible environments are another highlight of Grim Dawn. Being inside the room, surrounded by different objects and thin walls, you can always use magic or physical force to destroy some items: doors, windows, furniture and other interactive elements.


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Version: [+ 4 DLC's]

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, For Weak PCs, Atmosphere, Fantasy, For multiple players, Indie, Isometrics, Slasher, Grim, Dungeon Crawler, 2016, Post-Apocalypse, Role-playing action, Zombie, Dark Fantasy, Loot

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