Grim Nights Download PC Game

Grim Nights Release: 12 Oct 2018
Developer: Edym Pixels
Version: 1.2.2
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel i3 CPU m370 2.40GHz or better
Memory: 2 GB
GPU: Ati mobility radeon HD 5000 or better
Storage: 170 MB

Survival paths can be varied and not always predictable. In the game Grim Nights, which can already be downloaded by torrent for free, you will have a chance to take control of your own small settlement. You will have to develop it, constantly make improvements and actively use all available resources so that your people will prosper and you yourself will create a promising legacy. Plus, don't forget about the army that must rise to the defense of your domain. To organize all these things, you need to have enough materials, funds and able-bodied people, who have yet to be properly trained.

The gameplay in the project is rather static. You will have the ability to smoothly follow everything that happens on the screen and give the right orders. First, to keep your people from starving to death, you must take care of the provisions. Then you will need a mine to provide the village with useful resources, and have materials for buildings and solid walls. And that is just a small part of the processes that you will have to control. Most importantly, they are all closely related to and complement each other in importance.

The game has another important advantage - constantly around you and your town will be happening different stories. For example, at one moment a huge and evil giant may appear in your neighborhood, or an insidious ghost that is capable of possessing the souls of living citizens. All these events will require your maximum attention and concentration, because only on you will depend the development of this or that situation. The main thing is not to forget that in your hands the fate of hundreds of people.


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Version: 1.2.2

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Size To Download: 153 MB

Strategy, Indie, 2018

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