Guild of Dungeoneering Download PC Game

Guild of Dungeoneering Release: 14 Jul. 2015
Developer: Gambrinous
Version: 1.09 - Deluxe Ice Cream Edition
Windows: XP/Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1
Memory: 2 GB
Storage: 750 MB

Guild of Dungeoneering is a strategy card game that also includes battles. The hero will have to go on a treasure hunt, carefully exploring the surrounding territory, avoiding traps and engaging in combat with enemies.

However, here you do not control the hero. The main feature of the game is that this time the player is on the side of evil, and your task is to confuse the hero and lure him into a trap. You will create your own dungeon, filling it with valuable items, caches, corridors, and monsters so that no uninvited guest can get out of there.

Controls in Guild of Dungeoneering are done with three types of maps: rooms, monsters, and loot. You design your own space using all your imagination and engineering wit. Also, with the help of maps, controlled combat. The player must apply all his logical and tactical abilities to achieve the goal and move to the next level.

Black and white, pencil sketch style colors add to the game's charm and atmosphere. The more complex and varied your dungeon, the more interesting it is to explore. In addition, now you do not control the character, but the environment. So that the gameplay becomes an exciting activity.


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Version: 1.09 - Deluxe Ice Cream Edition

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Size To Download: 750 MB

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