Halo: Spartan Strike Download PC Game

Halo: Spartan Strike Release: 12 Dec. 2014
Developer: 343 Industries, Vanguard Games
Version: 1.0
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Dual core
Memory: 1 GB
GPU: DirectX10 compatible graphics card w/ dedicated 512MB RAM
Storage: 2550 MB

Halo: Spartan Strike takes the project's signature mechanics to an isometric perspective in an amazing way. The developers have changed more than just the angle: the gameplay has been slightly simplified, which will please casuals. The story is intertwined with the original, but will also be understandable to a neophyte. It begins on the famous New Mombasa, where humanity repels attacks by the Covenants, an alliance of aliens in confrontation with the Earthlings.

The project delights with lively environments and highly dynamic short corridor locations: there is constantly something going on in the background, and the gamer does not feel lonely. The story consists of 30 levels, which will take about 8 hours to complete. However, there is always a reason to visit the already passed stages: the global leaderboard compares the performance of players around the world, depending on the difficulty and other factors change the reward. The arsenal has been expanded with new prototypes, the roster of foes has also been expanded. In addition to walking on their own, several types of military vehicles are available for the user to ride.

The sequel received a significant improvement in the visuals, with sharper rendering of the backdrops and models. Abundant but not annoying special effects enliven the action, complemented by a great soundtrack. The game supports the classic keyboard-mouse duo, as well as all types of joysticks and gamepads.


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Version: 1.0

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, For Weak PCs, Strategy, Great soundtrack, 3rd Person, Shooter, Science Fiction, Gamepad Support, Twin-stick shooter, Aliens, Future, 2014, Top Gun

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