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Hitman Blood Money Release: 30 May. 2006
Developer: Io-Interactive A/S
Version: 1.2

Hitman: Blood Money: Even if it doesn't have a license plate in the title, it is the fourth installment in the eponymous series about a bald mercenary who leaves no trace. You, as the hunter, will be seen as the prey, hunted and stalked by the. For our hero, who specializes in performing quite a dirty job, decided to take a third party. Traditionally, in Hitman Blood Money the gameplay is served with a third-person camera. The passage process is all about fulfilling contracts to eliminate various undesirable personalities. Mission execution methods are canonical: strangulation with a garrotte, killing with cold weapons, eliminating a target from afar with a sniper rifle, killing with a pistol with a silencer. Cross-dressing tricks remain in place. As before, the main character can disguise himself as one of the characters, for example, a guard or a janitor. The main condition is not to raise the alarm and not to act obviously. With precise calculation, some missions can be completed almost instantly and, most importantly, no one will notice you. However, to perform such tricks you will need to know perfectly every task: the location of guards, timings of their movement, secluded corners where you can hide the bodies, and many other nuances. The ending of this game also contains a pleasant surprise: using the forward-backward combination during the closing credits, the protagonist will literally rise from the dead and shoot all the offenders.


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Version: 1.2

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